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IDeaS Revenue Solutions proud to be Preferred Gold Partner of HSMAI ROC & DOC in Palma de Mallorca

IDeaS' director of global advisory services Paul Van Meerendonk will be talking change, relevancy and engaging guests & travellers through technology and analytics.
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Record number of European hoteliers recognise the value of revenue management technology

IDeaS reports record-breaking client wins across the EMEA region in 2018. With nearly 1,000 new clients in EMEA alone last year, 2019 is expected to be another significant year for investment in revenue management technology.

Find out why hoteliers are seeking #RevenueScience and sophisticated technology.
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Webinar: #RevUp: Are We in Control of our Revenue Management Destiny?

Join this live webinar session on 18 April 2019, 2pm GMT/9am UTC to explore the different ways to monitor, measure and execute a dynamic channel strategy that is focused on driving an ideal business mix and the greatest profitability.
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From Beds to Ballrooms: Total Revenue Performance for Your Total Property

Get as much heads in beds as possible while optimising your hotel's profit potential. This straightforward definition of a revenue manager's job-albeit oversimplified-probably rings true for many of us in the industry. However, if a revenue manager is solely focused on guest-room pricing, then who's in charge of enhancing revenue for the rest of your property?

The Whole World Is Data – A Story of Revenue Science, Magic and Dogs

Everything collects data today. From self-driving cars to the computers you carry in your pocket, the whole world is data. The emergence of platforms and applications are not immune to this trend, and within the hotel system space, the collection and use of data will be a key driver for how we utilise technology going forward.

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5 Key Trends that Every Hotelier Must Know

Learn how these trends from Hotel Tech Report impacts your hotel.
  1. Automation is going mainstream
  2. Software tools are breaking down silos
  3. Hotel software are moving towards self service
  4. App marketplaces are soaring
  5. Meeting venues are getting wired up
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Responsible Personalisation, Seamless Intelligence and the Road to Nowhere – Dispatch from ITB Berlin

Take a fresh look ahead at the new trends in the hospitality and travel industry as Klaus Kohlmayr, Chief Evangelist at IDeaS shares his wisdom on the common themes he saw at ITB Berlin 2019.
  • Personalisation, yes!
  • Experience matters
  • Big data needs a home—and a lot of intelligence
Read this blog and take a look at each of these in more detail.
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There are countless reasons to automate how you manage your pricing and booking decisions, but all it takes is one decision to transform how you manage your revenue. Contact IDeaS today to start your transformation.
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