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On January 15th 2020 (tomorrow!) the 16th edition of HotelloTOP will take place in RAI Amsterdam. HSMAI has been partners for many years now with Service 4Hospitality, who manage HotelloTOP! We asked one of their representatives to tell us more about HotelloTOP, and about himself:

Yoël Bronckers, Commercial Manager – ServiceCentre 4Hospitality

Short biography about Yoël

Yoël Bronckers, born and raised in Maastricht is an outgoing guy who is passionate about the things he does. He started working for the Mise en Place Group in 2010. Through various roles with different brands of Mise en Place he has developed himself in sales and is now working as sales manager for the Servicecenter 4Hospitality. ‘Meeting new people is what thrives me each and everyday. Networking, sharing knowledge and getting better together is a powerful good that we should use more’ he says.

Next to work Yoël is socially involved as a trainer of different football teams. Again bringing people together and let them thrive as a team is a thrill for Yoël. To get some rest he listens to music. What type? This depends on the mood. From hiphop to rock, from country to swing, he enjoys it all.

Yoël about HotelloTOP

HotelloTOP is the first and biggest of 20 (inter)national hospitality networks managed by Servicecenter 4Hospitality. HotelloTOP; the biggest network for Hotello’s (people who studied at a hotelschool) and hotel professionals, active in four different countries. In The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom HotelloTOP connects its members online as well as offline through live events. I wholeheartedly believe in the strength of personal connections. Combine that with the mission statement of HotelloTOP and you’ll find that it’s a match made in heaven.

“HotelloTOP celebrates Hotello’s and hospitality professionals. Through personal connections we promote the concept of ‘Hotello DNA’ and show the value thereof for people and business. HotelloTOP connects Hotello’s reciprocally and also functions as the linking pin between them and the industry. HotelloTOP supports Hotello’s in building a strong network from the moment they enter a hotelschool or the hospitality industry. Additionally, we stimulate the retention of talents for the hotel industry.”


1. What does a day at work normally consist of for you?

I always start the day with a nice cup of coffee. Without this a start is impossible. After the cup of coffee I check my calendar and email. If there are urgent matters we start with these. In any other case after checking the calendar we start our day. Most of the days this means I’m driving a lot. On the road to our current partners to maintain the relation and possible new partners to see what they are doing, what thrives them and makes them unique.

2. What’s the best part of your job?

Getting to know passionate people that love what they do. For example, a few weeks ago I visited our partner in fruit and vegetables, not my specialty. They had a new factory/plant that he wanted to show me. The passion and enthusiasm that he showed during the tour and in the way he was talking is for me the best part of my job. When somebody tells you something with passion it will stick..

3. Do you have anyone you(‘ve) look(ed) up to?

I don’t have a specific person that I look up to. It’s more the qualities in people that I can appreciate.

4. Do you have any nice traditions at your office?

We don’t have real traditions. We do have a lot of activities. For example we had a planking challenge for the last month and after our Year Event we will do a new exciting challenge. Next to that it’s the energy that is very nice. We have several events per year and at every event the energy is good. Karin can give a great morning work-out, Ruud takes care of the bubbles at the start and I can sometimes give a presentation that makes people laugh!

5. How long have you been a partner of HSMAI?

Well the Servicecenter 4 Hospitality is a partner of HSMAI for more than 7 years. Me, I’m new to the network and just more than half a year a member of HSMAI.

6. What do you think is the best thing about HSMAI?

The networking. To connect and share knowledge with people whom are all working the hospitality. The diversification of people with different functions, ages, experience, the combination of this can never be enough to my opinion. You’ll never know where somebody will be in 1 or 10 years and what you can do for each other.

7. Are there any activities or projects you think HSMAI should start up?

Start up I don’t really know. What I do know is that I am very curious about the industry in other parts of the world. Do we also have a shortage of employees there? How do they see the growth with digitalization? How is that fitted there? Etc. In addition, I think starting the awards in Europe too has been a nice addition. Then it becomes easier for the rest of the world to recognize how many special, creative and smart people are walking around in our hospitality industry.

8. Describe your perfect weekend

It depends how much time we have but if I can do everything I want it would be, getting in the car and drive towards the sun with some friends. France, Italy or Spain and then open a nice bottle of wine or a beer on the Mediterranean coast and just relax. The next day visit an old city with enough history and restaurants to get the day off. To still get some excitement in it, I would end up visiting a good soccer game.

9. What is the title of the book about your life?

Being me, how I found out and what it means for the future.

10. What is your next travel-destination?

Ooh difficult.. I dream of making a road trip through the states, but I am afraid that this year is just too early. So I think I’ll go to Tuscany.

11. Do you have any special hobbies?

Well special. I’m the coach of two different football teams. One is playing youth league and is 15 and 16 years old. The others are between 25 and 35 years old and we play ‘kelderklasse’. Next to that I like to play music. I used to play percussion a lot but now I have to little time so I just started teaching myself to play the guitar.

12. Why should people go to HotelloTOP on the 15th of January?

Let’s start by saying it’s the biggest Hotello event of the year. So are you Hotello or do you want to start in this industry, then this event and the people present are a perfect fit for you. Furthermore, the Year Event has a great keynote speaker and several short speaking sessions that you don’t want to miss. If you are looking for a connection with other Hotellos, the networking drink is ideal for this. While enjoying a snack, drink and live music, we ensure that that connection can be made.

In other words, if you want to network, gain knowledge, share knowledge, meet new people, maintain relationships, gain insights of the market and above all have a great evening, then we will see you the 15th!

– We with HSMAI will be there tomorrow, will we see you too? For more information and to register go to

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