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ECC – Excelling at Customer Centricity – an HSMAI Certification

Personalised contact with your guest is so important. How can you turn this into a business opportunity and reduce margins for error, increase average spend and make a measurable difference to your online ratings?

With HSMAI Region Europe’s Excelling at Customer Centricity programme, your team identifies and implement processes to close gaps that stop your team from excelling, consistently, when in direct contact with your guests. Actions are proposed with clear ECC measurements to add value through your internal culture and communication planning, the inclusion of key stakeholders, employee engagement and service recovery methods.


To improve measurements and reviews, strengthen repurchase, enhance reputation and increase return on investment.

You get:

  • 5 x 2 hours training sessions
  • Supervised Assignments and Feedback in before each sessions
  • Access to the tools

With the ECC programme, one, or more, of your key team members are trained to prepare and guide your team:

  • To exceed your guests’ expectations at key moments of contact, decided by you
  • To create ‘instagrammable’ experiences and a frictionless, seamless delivery

Your ECC processes will enable your team to go above and beyond, adding to your attractiveness, both as an employer and to potential business who learn about your guests’ memorable experiences on social media and through ratings.

The ECC Certification

HSMAI training sessions to prepare for Post Corona, engaging members at this difficult time

The Corona crisis temporarily stops us in our tracks with events and business levels that we cannot control. This can be devastating for our teams’ and our own morale and focus.

There will be pre work before they start the trainings and also in between the weekly trainings. The sessions will be interactive and participants will be able to ask questions. There will be activities on the screen, polls, whiteboards and people will be asked to put their videos on.

Comments from past attendees at ECC – Excelling at Customer Centricity:

Thank you so much for your helpful reflections during the ECC programme. I am looking forward to implementing what I learned from this course to further develop my team.

Thank you for excellent feedback og useful reflections for myself and my company

Thank you all for putting so much effort into the ECC programme, it has been very useful for my personal & professional growth!

Thank you so much. The ECC programme was very inspiring.

Join us

The five sessions is FREE for HSMAI members and cost 795 Euro for non HSMAI members.

Getting Certified

If after these sessions you want to get certified, this can be done digital or face to face. To get certified is an optional choice and there will be costs involved at this stage. 

To get certified the cost is 795 Euro for HSMAI members.  

Gil Mulders will be the facilitator for the digital training sessions and Mia Touzin Leffler will be the Executive Coach.

Meeting dates and topics:

Monday 31th of May at 2pm CET (1pm UK time) and it will last 2 hours

– Introduction to the ECC Programme 

  • What’s the programme – role of the Executive Coach and expectations.
  • Why Customer Centricity

Monday 7th of June at 2pm CET (1pm UK time) and it will last 2 hours

– Stakeholder Management & Designing Instagrammable Experience

  • How to prioritize & manage stakeholders interest
  • How to prepare to excel at designing key experience

Monday 14th of June at 2pm CET (1pm UK time) and it will last 2 hours

– Measurement & Culture 

  • How we measure progress
  • How we prepare to excel at creating a supportive culture 

Monday 21th of June at 2pm CET (1pm UK time) and it will last 2 hours

– Communication & Service Recovery 

  • How do we excel at communication 
  • How do we excel at service recovery 

Monday 28th of June at 2pm CET (1pm UK time) and it will last 2 hours

– Next Steps & Facilitation Techniques

“Customer Centricity is even more important in times of crisis when the emotional connection with our customers will become a primary decision point.  This highly interactive online programme will help you lead your teams towards success during recovery. You will get access to tools, concepts and best practices that you will be able to use right away to engage your teams and customers”.

Gil Mulders, Founder, The Talent Network, Former Head of Learning Europe at IHG – InterContinental Hotels Group and Chair of the HSMAI Region Europe People & Culture Advisory Board

For many years I have wondered what strategy is most important amongst the many. I now believe the Excelling at Customer Centricity is the single best,

– Mike Leven, longtime industry leader and international “hotel icon” about the program

“Motivating staff during 2021 will be important and hard work because at the end of the tunnel, you will need them even more than before to convince guests to return.It is an excellent, although unwished for, opportunity to encourage additional personal self development. The key will positive, constructive, low cost activities that have a positive impact on staff morale, team spirit and competencies.  To get the team to cope well with this scary period of uncertainty and change, keeping the organisation stable and ready for a return of business. The HSMAI training sessions are such an opportunity”

Mia Touzin Leffler, Education Adviser HSMAI Region Europe

  • Today everybody knows, what everybody is charging. So the only thing you can do, is service the customer better than somebody else, or differentiate your product better, than somebody else.

    Mike Leven
  • The secret to success is to do the common things uncommonly well.

    John D. Rockefeller
  • Within the ECC programme we explore key stages of our customers journey, identifying areas to focus on and how.

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