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March 1st: The World Compliment Day

One of the most positive days of the year is coming up – ‘World Compliment Day’! Join us on March 1st and celebrate the achievements and personal contributions of those around you!

Started by Hans Poortvliet, a recognition professional and the former Managing director of HSMAI in Holland and still a close friend of us at HSMAI Europe, to promote positivity and build relationships through sincere and personal compliments the initiative aims to promote appreciation and recognition, which are fundamental human needs that can contribute to increased productivity and happiness.

The initiative, in contrast to Valentine’s Day, Secretaries’ Day and Mother and Father’s Day, is not commercially oriented and has spread in recent years as a “warm blanket” over the Netherlands were it started – and internationally, to what is now known as the World Compliment Day. Due to its unique positive and timeless nature the promoters expect it to be another success this year.

On World Compliment Day, people are encouraged to give at least three sincere and personal compliments to those in their environment or social network #complimentday, with the hope of creating the “Most Positive Day in the World.”

Here at HSMAI Region Europe we heartily support this initiative that addresses fundamental human needs and contributes to increased productivity and happiness.

“A sincere and personal compliment costs nothing but has a huge impact on the recipient, because nothing stimulates more, gives more energy and increases productivity and commitment faster than sincere appreciation.”

– Hans Poortvliet, Owner at Bed and Breakfast Buena Idea and former Managing Director of HSMAI Holland


“Giving sincere compliments is so important and it increases your own happiness too and increases your stress resilience. The situation is win-win for everyone, so let’s do it more often, and also in

– Ingunn Hofseth, President and CEO of HSMAI Region Europe 

The reverse is also true. Lack of attention and appreciation is in fact the primary reason why employees become demoralised volunteers stop contributing and quality and productivity slip, all resulting in society and customers turning their back on companies.

This holiday’s unique focus on appreciation and recognition has made it a “warm blanket” over the Netherlands and beyond and is expected to continue its success this year. Get more info about the initiative and learn how you can celebrate your team with your own Compliment day awards here.

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