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Pandox’ Green Success: Initiating the Change Journey the Easy and Profitable Way

The hospitality industry has a significant environmental impact, contributing 8% of global carbon emissions, with hotels responsible for 1% (World Economic Forum and UNWTO). While aiming for a 43% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 as per the 2015 Paris Agreement, we’re falling short. Sustainability reporting now demands clearer actions and plans.

When considering steps toward eco-friendly operations, hoteliers and restaurateurs face a maze of requirements and choices. Deciding where to prioritize, how to implement changes across locations, and securing funding for this transformation can be daunting and overwhelming.

However, there’s a glimmer of hope. Pandox’s implementation of the PMI GoGreen platform in spring 2023 shines as a beacon of simplicity amidst this intricate terrain. It fosters transparency, shares best practices, and aids in tracking progress across their properties. The outcomes are impressive: In five months across 15 European hotels, Pandox slashed electricity usage by over 947MWh (10,5%) and saved more than €186K, despite more than 5% rise in occupancy and a slight price increase during the same period.

PMI GoGreen by d2o goes beyond compliance reporting; it empowers daily actions to reduce energy consumption per square meter and per guest night while maintaining consistent guest service amidst fluctuating demand. It is about continuously reducing waste through improved daily management behaviours. Pandox achieved an 11.5% reduction per square meter and 2.15 kWh per guest night compared to the previous year.

Pandox’s commitment to cut in CO2 emissions using PMI GoGreen is not limited to energy, but it encompasses better management of water consumption, and food waste.

The takeaway? Going green doesn’t have to overwhelm. For Pandox, adopting PMI GoGreen spurred immediate engagement among managers. The attractive return on investment made funding a savvy business move.

Now you know there’s an easy and profitable way to embark on the journey toward more sustainable operations. Remember: A company needing a better tool but hesitant to invest is already paying the price…

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