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HSMAI Region Europe

Revenue Optimization Conference (ROC)

Take The Lead in Revenue Strategy
January 28 – 29 2020
The Savoy Hotel in London


HSMAI Region Europe is moving the ROC and The HSMAI Awards back to London!

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Welcome to Europe’s number one place for the latest trends and news in optimization, digital marketing and distribution for the travel and hospitality industry. HSMAI ROC 2020 will prepare attendees to take the lead in revenue strategy. The educational sessions are focused on elevating leadership and business acumen, anticipating and responding to headwinds, aligning sales, marketing, and revenue optimization efforts, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of hospitality technology, and driving profit throughout the customer journey.

Revenue strategy

Inspired by HSMAI’s global work on the new edition of Evolving Dynamics, involving all regions, from Revenue Management to Revenue Strategy – the study guide for the Certified Revenue Management Executive (CRME) credential – leaders have been thinking and talking about the future of hospitality sales, marketing, and revenue optimization both as separate disciplines and an interrelated, fully converged profession.

HSMAI is convinced that this path is essentially Revenue Strategy, which is the convergence of all revenue-impacting functions – including sales, marketing, and revenue optimization. Here’s what that means for professions working in these areas.

What is Revenue Strategy – and how is it different from revenue optimization?

Used in many industries, revenue optimization is the science of managing a limited amount of supply to maximise revenue and profits by dynamically controlling the price and quantity offered by distribution channel. More simply put it is selling the right amount of inventory at the right pricing levels based on the customer’s willingness to pay.

Revenue Strategy takes revenue optimization to the next level. It is a longer-term comprehensive and holistic approach to driving profitability that is dependent on the collective and interdependent efforts of the equally important disciplines of revenue optimization, sales, marketing, distribution, and analytics. Revenue Strategy further breaks down these often-siloed disciplines, so they have access to the same data, are aligned on their goals, and are ultimately collaboratively focused on profitability.

“With this focus we have invited two world class marketing and distribution experts to have key roles with us at the ROC in London in January,” says Ingunn Hofseth, President and CEO of HSMAI Region Europe.



The following have been invited:

Remy Merckx, VP, Global Digital at Radisson Hotel Group, with more than 23 years of travel industry, digital, distribution, marketing and branding knowledge and experiences driven by results, business development and customer first competencies. Remy will be moderator for the day and also for the Award Dinner in the evening.


Peter O’Connor, Chaired Professor of Digital Disruption at the ESSEC Business School. Peter is a world-renowned expert on e-commerce and online marketing and has over thirty years experience in educating the managers of tomorrow. He specialises in challenging companies’ inaction regarding the digital revolution. He will speak on Holistic Distribution – moving from Revenue Optimization to Revenue Strategy, followed by a presentation of a case and interactive discussions/reflecting/recommendations.


“I am very excited to take part in the organisation and to be one of the speakers of the upcoming HSMAI Europe Revenue Optimization Conference (ROC). It is a very promising event that will gather top revenue leaders in hospitality and beyond. It is also a unique opportunity to learn and share on some of the current and future hottest topics that are shaping our industry. We will focus on the switch between classic revenue optimization to revenue strategy. Come and join our great panel of speakers in London, where we will take you to the next level of revenue Optimization. A new dimension involving a longer-term comprehensive and holistic approach to driving profitability in our businesses,” says Frederic Toitot, Accor’s VP Global Learning & Development – Revenue Management, Pricing, Digital Marketing. He is also the newly elected chair of the HSMAI Region Europe Revenue Optimization Advisory Board.

We will also address topics like:

  • Leading teams of revenue professionals in 2020
  • Learn from other industries how they are working to take the lead in Revenue Strategy
  • Make Revenue Managers Great Again! How to make the profession find its second wind?

The conference will be very interactive. In the evening you will enjoy great music, dinner, networking and our HSMAI Awards Ceremony.

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The following day HSMAI Region Europe also host two certification workshops:


Certified Hospitality Revenue Management Executive (CRME)

On Wednesday January 29th 2020 HSMAI Region Europe will host an interactive Revenue Management workshop, after which the participants will complete the globally recognised CRME certification exam. Read more here.


Certified Hospitality Digital Marketer (CHDM)

On Wednesday January 29th 2020 HSMAI Region Europe will host an interactive Digital Marketing workshop, after which the participants will complete the globally recognised CHDM
certification exam. Read more here.


HSMAI Region Europe Chief Commercial Officer/Commercial Director Roundtable

Parallel to the above, on January 29 HSMAI will organise the Chief Commercial Officer/Commercial Director Roundtable

– By invitation only. About 20 participants. Read more here.


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