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Wednesday April 21st – Wednesday May 19th 2021

Wednesday April 21st 2PM – 4PM CET

Wednesday April 28th 2PM – 4PM CET

Wednesday May 5th 2PM – 4PM CET

Wednesday May 12th 2PM – 4PM CET

Wednesday May 19th 2PM – 4PM CET


Who needs brand strategy?
The short answer is everybody, and especially now.


The course will introduce you to brand strategy thinking, and help you apply it to your own brand immediately – creating your own brand platform as you go.

You get:

  • 5 sessions facilitating your very own brand platform development
  • Canvases designed to aid you in defining your own brand strategy
  • A community of industry peers
  • Presentations and discussions facilitated by brand strategy experts

Brand strategy is all about understanding the relationship people have with your brand, so that you can strengthen it in all aspects of your business. What do people expect from the brand relationship? What is the right tone of voice for you? What are the right products or offers to introduce to the relationship?

Make your brand a strategic asset and find ways to grow your business. Change is the only constant, so it pays to be prepared.

Sign up a group from your business and build your brand platform together.

The brand strategy sessions are facilitated by Monna Nordhagen (from left) and Kirsti Rogne (from right) from Mars, an independent brand strategy consultancy. Monna and Kirsti are the authors of Rockets and Rebels – strategy for anyone looking to build brands that move people. Both have extensive brand development experience and are often called upon to speak or teach strategy, branding and communications. Monna is also the Chair of HSMAI Europe Marketing and Branding Advisory Board.

Who should join?

  • Management groups looking to turn their brand into a strategic asset
  • Communications and marketing teams looking for more effective brand building tools
  • Brand agencies looking to help businesses take attractive positions in their chosen markets
  • Anyone looking to understand how brands are built and used to reach business goals

It is FREE for HSMAI members

Non HSMAI members: 795 Euro 


1. Introduction to brand strategy today 

  • How has the role of brands changed and how are brands built today?
  • Introducing participants and understanding everybody’s goals for the course

2. Positioning your brand

  • What is your brand’s category or what is the category it seeks to establish?
  • Learn to understand what role your brand plays in its category. Is it a leader, a challenger or is it perhaps about to redefine the terms of its category?
  • How is your brand differentiated from its competition?

3. Brand identity

  • What motivates people to form a relationship with your brand?
  • What is your brand’s personality, its world view and what are the values it shares with its customers? How does you brand influence your customers’ thoughts about who they are?

4. Strategic hierarchy and script

  • We connect your business strategy and your brand strategy in a hierarchy, defining its mission, vision, overarching goals, strategies and fundamental beliefs.
  • A strategic script is your strategy in narrative form – the story of how you reach your goals told through your actions large and small.

5. The big picture and implementation

  • Summarising your brand strategy work so far, questions, discussions and preparing for implementation.

About Rockets and Rebels

This brand strategy book gives you an update on the best brand-thinking over the last decade or so, adapted specifically for our time. Use it to position your brand and to stand out amongst the competition. Give your brand a personality people can identify with. Give people good reasons to stay loyal, and to support and cheer for your brand’s next project. Strong brands are more profitable, attract the best talent, and are highly valued. This book is a toolbox for everyone who sees the value of digging a little deeper, to aim much higher.

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