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Per Griwell is the Commercial Director at Thon Hotels. He is a newly elected member of the HSMAI Region Europe, Board of Directors

Q: Who is Per Griwell?

I am a commercially experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in the airline and hospitality industry. In addition to my experience in top management and business development, I am skilled in Sales, Marketing, Yield Management, Hotel and Business Travel Management.

Q: What does HSMAI Region Europe mean to you and your team?

A: A platform for networking within the industry in Europe, and to increase competence in my organisation. To monitor and participate in the development of marketing, digitalization, sales, and leadership.

Q: What will you bring to the table as a member of the Board of Directors?

A: With my experience from sales, business development and leadership, I see this as an opportunity to contribute and learn from others in the team. At the same time securing competence and resources for the industry in the future.

Q: You have a demanding job. What made you accept to become a member of the HSMAI Region Europe Board of directors?

A: My previous involvement with HSMAI and my experience from working with them, made my decision easy. The experience and competence I can gain from others will be very useful in many parts of my organisation.

Q: What do you consider to be your personal strengths?

A: My creativity and ideas for solutions in different areas, making processes as smooth as possible.

Q: What does it take to become a successful executive in today’s hospitality sector?

A: Big question, but I think the most important factor today is to be a good listener to people working in the industry. We need to realize that ideas and new products will come from the younger enthusiastic employees, and these ideas need to be carefully brought to reality.

Q: HSMAI Region Europe will reactivate their mentor programme now – The Mike Leven Mentor programme. Please share your experiences from mentorship/mentee.

A: A very important activity for all brands and organisations, and a big part of being a listener and bringing experiences to young potential leaders in different areas.

Q: HSMAI Region Europe will launch a brand new initiative in September – The Student Council. Please share your thoughts around this and how you will help out.

A: An important initiative especially post Covid-19, where many potential young people are considering our industry as a place to work in. As an industry, we are very sensitive to unexpected situations like Covid-19, as well as other global and regional situations beyond our control.

Q: How may HSMAI members benefit from the HSMAI Region Europe work?

A: I think that the role of the HSMAI is more important than ever. The industry needs to be continuously updated regarding the different developments in our industry. These need to be secured and implemented.

Q: Could you tell us what a day at work looks like for you?

A: A lot of phone calls, Teams meetings and from now on also meetings in person with potential hotels. Internal work with several departments and areas in the Olav Thon Group to secure strategic plans and activities for the development in my department.

Q: What is the best part of your job?

A: To be in contact and meet different companies with different histories, ownerships, cultures, as well as many different types of very high-level experienced leaders and CEO`s.

Q: Is there anyone you’ve been looking up to and why?

A: I will say Jan Carlzon in my period in Scandinavian Airlines System, in a time where his ideas and strategy made people in the organization reach for the same goal. This had a tremendous impact in the airline market.
Olav Thon, owner of the Olav Thon Group, and his efforts from starting with nothing in 1950s, to one of the most well known and solid organizations in Norway. He is today 98 years old, and still very involved in the operation.

Q: Any final thoughts?

Looking forward to being a part of the board!

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