D2O and Sustainable Hospitality Alliance join forces at HSMAI ROC to help hotels increase profit margins and accelerate decarbonization

D2O joining the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance adds significant value to the sector’s profitability and sustainability efforts as the Alliance leads in making Net Positive Hospitality a reality. D2O has also been announced as the primary sponsor of the Alliance’s most recent sustainable education resource, the Net Positive Hospitality Simulation, with a substantial and generous financial donation to the Alliance in the coming three years.

At HSMAI ROC Europe, Glenn Mandziuk, CEO of Sustainable Hospitality Alliance joined Young Nguyen, Founder and CEO of D2O, Patrick Apostolo (Director of Corporate Operations and Business Transformation EMEA at Radisson Hotel Group) and Cristina Blaj (Senior Consultant d2o and CEO of Open Revenue Consulting) in a discussion about the challenges and opportunities for the hospitality industry to drive sustainable growth, and shared insights on how hotels can accelerate their journey to Net Positive Hospitality.

Why is this important? It boils down to the carbon footprint and the urgent need to lower carbon emissions to secure the future of our business and our Planet.

The carbon footprint needs to be managed and this Partnership helps hotels integrate Sustainability at large with Operations in order to align resources to the daily activity of the hotel and deliver the maximum reduction in carbon footprint across scopes 1, 2 and 3. The good news for hospitality is that the problem is widely recognized as formidable, as time is not on our side. More importantly, there is a credible roadmap guiding the hospitality industry on how to cater to the anticipated growth and still hit or get close to the 2030 targets… to avoid the most catastrophic consequences for humankind.

In a context of rising operating costs and fluctuating hotel rates, Profitability emerges as the Holy Grail of the hotel industry.

Radisson Hotel Group stands out in this scenario, increasing its GOP (Gross Operating Profit) by EUR 64 million in the leasehold and managed portfolio of hotels.

The key: an effective synergy between revenue, productivity and resource planning, driven by advanced technologies and task simplification.

Patrick Apostolo’s intervention at HSMAI ROC showcased the Profit and Sustainability Revolution and the journey behind the adoption of D2O’s Profit Management Technology in the follow on roundtable conversation.

The Alliance brings together engaged hospitality companies, the wider hospitality value chain, and strategic partners to address key challenges affecting the planet, people, and places worldwide. Joining fellow affiliate members, D2O will work with the Alliance to help its members meet their profit and decarbonisation goals using predictive and prescriptive analytics technology. Specifically, D2O’s revolutionary technological tool, PMI GoGreen, advances sustainability progress in the hotel industry, which aligns with the high-level goal of D2O and the Alliance’s affiliation. PMI GoGreen enables hoteliers to drastically reduce operating costs and manage their resources, ultimately helping to decarbonise the industry. Long-term environmental goals for a hotel are incorporated within the monthly targets set, ensuring that these objectives are actionable and trackable. This tool, therefore, supports the industry’s sustainability journey and complements the Alliance’s Net Positive Hospitality Simulation efforts.

For further information about d2o and PMI GoGreen, visit Sustainability- go green with PMI by D2O, and to find out more about the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance’s affiliate members, visit sustainable hospitality alliance.


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