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Yesterday many Dutch members, partners , colleagues and family were thankingÊ Hans PoortvlietÊfor the job he has done for HSMAI and the industry in the Netherlands. The many events took place at the Hotel Theater Figi in Zeist.

Hans Poortvliet ÊhasÊ been working for HSMAI for almost 20 years, as the Managing Director for the Netherlands.ÊHe also shared his thoughts on appreciation, his favourite topic. After all he is also the founder and the man behind the Complement Day!

Hans is warm, inclusive and innovative, and the members appreciate him a lot. He and I haveÊbeen working together for many years and our relationship has only been strengthened, year by year.

He now lives in Spain, where he has started a Bed & Breakfast with his wife, and his last day for HSMAI NederlandÊwill be by the end of this year, but he willÊcontinue his involvement with HSMAI “behind the scenes” as a strategic advisor to HSMAI Region Europe.

HSMAI Chapter Holland will no longer exist by the end of this year, and HSMAI Region Europe willÊ be responsible for all Dutch activities. HSMAI will be very active in the Netherlands. We will keep the current activities and add new activities to the agenda.

We are also extremely happy to announce that Kathelijne Soydan will continue to work part-time for HSMAI as the Event Manager for our activities in Holland. A better Event Manager is hard to find! Thank you for all the support for the last 15 years, Kathelijne. You are both wonderful.

Underneath you will find some photos from the many activities yesterday.Ê Please also see the video (albeit in Dutch):

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Warm Regards,
Ingunn Hofseth
President & CEO
HSMAI Region Europe

Top photograph:ÊKathelijne Soydan and Hans Poortvliet.

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