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I believe in a culture for continued learning. I became a leader for 35 people at the age 21, and even today I still have mentors. I have young mentors, so I can stay updated on things that are important for them, that I, too should know more about.

My main mentor is Mike Leven. He has been my mentor for almost five years. Mike is one of the most respected hotel icons in America and a great supporter of HSMAI in the US, and also for us in Europe. Also he has a past as international Chair of HSMAI. In the US the HSMAI Leadership Day is named after him, in honor of his extraordinary leadership skills and his lifelong commitment to the development of the industry.

Together with the Las Vegas Sands Corporation Michael made a generous donation to HSMAI America, totaling to USD 1.5 million.

His previous positions also include President and COO of Holiday Inn Worldwide and the President of Days Inn of America.

Up until three years ago Mike was the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, where he leveraged his sales and leadership skills to turn around the largest hotel gaming company in the world. I also want to add that he was headhunted to that job at the age of 72 and kept working there for six years.

He is one of the people that I respect the most. Not because he has become very rich and because he was the best paid top executive in Las Vegas for many years. He has become a friend and my mentor because of what he does for other people and his extraordinary skills in sales and leadership, by putting people first.

That is what we at HSMAI do, too. Now he can be your coach, too, if you become one of our mentors. We will be visiting him in Florida on November the 20th and again in March 28th 2019.

Like most people, I suppose, I am motivated by a Deeper purpose. By being involved with HSMAI many see that as a deeper purpose, since you are not just developing yourself as a person and as leader, in addition to your own company, but also because you can influence and help develop an entire industry, both nationally and internationally.

HSMAI doesn’t feel like work, but an ever changing journey – by putting people first.

If you are interested to know more about our Mike Leven Mentor program, please contact us.

This week we have been in London the whole week for the following programs:

  • HSMAI Region Europe Executive Coach Certification
  • HSMAI Leadership Day
  • HSMAI Curate
  • HSMAI Day United Kingdom, London
  • Workshop: Winning for customers – The Service Pledge

We will update you from that next week.

Ingunn Hofseth
President & CEO

HSMAI Region Europe

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