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Tomorrow starts now with HSMAI Europe

Tuesday April 20th from 2 PM – 3 PM CET (1 PM – 2 PM UK time)
A 360 view – Focus On Cross-Functional Strategic Thinking And Expansion Of Traditional Roles

At our european ROC conference in London in January 2020 one of the panels had this topic on the agenda. With so many furloughed and laid off, everyone are forced to work different now so we want to bring this topic on the agenda again.

You will meet:

Moderator: Damiano Zennaro
Principal Industry Consultant
IDeaS- A SAS Company

Damiano is also a member of the HSMAI Region Europe Revenue Optimization Advisory Board

Todd Baumgartel
VP Revenue Strategy, EMEA
Marriott International

Anant Vithlani
Vice President Sales
Nordic Choice Hotels

Anant is also the chair of the HSMAI Region Europe Sales Advisory Board

While the role of revenue management is evolving, here follows some discussion points which are aligned with a 360 view from a commercial perspective:

  • We live in an era of convergence; the rise of social media, digital marketing and big data is causing sales, marketing, distribution and revenue management to converge in organizations as a result of changes in the buying process; what is your organization doing to face this changes? What about operations?
  • In the next years it’s estimated that 1,3T dollars IT spending will be directly or indirectly affected by the shift to cloud by 2022: how is technology impacting commercial traditional roles in our industry?
  • Great examples of convergence are the Magic Band at Disney and the Medallion at Carnival Cruises: what about hotels? Do you foresee happening something similar soon?
  • Is breaking the silo’s between the departments the right strategy? How far is your organization in these respects? However if this happens who is owning this space?
  • How do you bridge tactical and strategic?
  • We are no longer judged against our competitors but more against every buying experience. Looking at the total guest journey (pre, during and post sales): who should own this journey from a commercial point of view?
  • How regular Sales & Marketing, Revenue Management and Distribution are getting together in your organization? What drives the change in a cross functional business approach?
  • Will the overall changes in our industry require an evolution / expansion or more a revolution of the current commercial roles?
  • From a process and people perspective how do you see convergence happening? What kind of skills and competencies are needed to make the change happening and to sustain it?
  • What are your thoughts on Cross Functional Strategic Thinking?
  • Let’s focus on commercial roles of the future. What do you see happening? Where will the industry go?
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