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Every Thursday from September 23rd to Thursday October 21st from 3-5pm CET (2-4pm UK time)

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Tools to close gaps, reduce leakages, identify opportunities and gain commitment across silos to win and retain your customers post covid

Develop how you speak the language of business outside your specialty for better results across functions.

To progress in your career, wider business acumen and people skills become as vital to success, if not more so, than your technical know-how. And even more so post covid!

WHO should join:

You can answer yes to the WHY´s below. You are likely to be recognised as a talent in Revenue optimization, Commercial, Sales, Marketing, Distribution or Operations in the Service Industries.


You need to communicate specialist knowledge comfortably
You need to understand (and make clear to others) what influences business
You need to work more effectively across silos to pick up trends and gain commitment

You want to be recognised and be ready for additional leadership
You want to engage and communicate with empathy
You want to manage your development

What does the programme include?
  • Five weekly workshops facilitating your own post covid people development strategy
  • Speakers from industry, either live, in purpose made videoclips or participating in a panel.
  • Opportunity to share ideas, plan for best practices and gain feedback both individually and in smaller ‘buddy’ teams.
  • A Personal and Professional Growth Handbook to help you develop your business acumen, communication and working across silos portfolio.
  • The guidance of executive coaches during the programme.
The facilitators and coaches:

The sessions are facilitated by Gyda Ulleberg and Mia Touzin Leffler

Gyda has more than 20 years of experience from the service sector in different strategical and leading positions. After completing a Bachelor of science in Hotel Management at the University of Surrey, she worked for several years in marketing at the head office of Inter Nor Hotels,  at that time Norway’s leading hotel chain. She moved on as a General Manager in Scandic Hotels for many years, until her passion for working on developing and mentoring young leaders led her to take on the position as an HR Director for Scandic Hotels. Since then she has been working within the field of HR and her current role is as Global HR Director in Norwegian Refugee Council. Gyda was for many years engaged in HSMAI Norway, her last role as a Board member. Gyda is an accredited CTI Coach. Gyda is passionate about organizational coaching, women in leadership positions, and enabling people, teams, and organizations for future growth.

Mia is passionate about talent development, specializing in organisational behaviour and change management. With a senior executive background, both as an academic and in industry: as head of hospitality degrees at the University of West London and at Glion Hotel School, Switzerland, as a senior consultant with Disney / Europcar and as Head of Management Development & Training at Sheraton hotels, Europe, Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. Mia is Education Adviser to HSMAI Europe.

Five workshops, informed by the Personal and Professional Growth Handbook:

Workshop 1: Introduction – The importance of Business Acumen (Business Acumen) – Thursday September 23rd from 3-5pm CET (2-4pm UK time)

  • Familiarisation with the programme: concept, purpose and handbook
  • Networking opportunities with participants
  • How covid is changing guest experience, business results, brand values and digital media reputation – with input from industry executives
  • Project One: introduction, brainstorm and prepare a draft plan
  • Complete Project One in your organisation for Workshop 2.

Workshop 2: People skills (Business Acumen) – Thursday September 30th from 3-5pm CET (2-4pm UK time)

  • Feedback from Project One, sharing best practices
  • Strengthen your customer understanding and colleague engagement skills
  • Input and discussion around ‘share of wallet’ / repeat purchases and how people leadership skills can make a difference, particularly post – Covid.
  • Impact of working closer across functions.
  • Start to plan Project Two in a ‘buddy’ group.

Workshop 3: Communication across functions (Communication) – Thursday October 7th from 3-5pm CET (2-4pm UK time)

  • Feedback from Project Two: sharing of best practices in Investigation / Outcomes/ proposal / actions to gain commitment
  • How to communicate expert knowledge to peers and executives across functions, gaining commitment? – Input by a communications specialist
  • Develop creative scenarios of communication, in ‘buddy’ teams
  • Pitfall of silos, impact of communication both personal and for business decisions and guest experiences
  • Prepare a one-minute communication to your management team for workshop 4.
  • Prepare questions for next week’s guest.

Workshop 4: Engage and communicate with empathy (Communication) – Thursday October 14th from 3-5pm CET (2-4pm UK time)

  • Question and Answer session with guest speaker around Talent Leadership – Guest speaker
  • How to engage and communicate more effectively with colleagues and/or your team by taking into account their real needs. From showing appreciation at the right time to listening and providing opportunity for growth and more.
  • Learnings / best practices to share
  • ‘My strengths, my brand, my competencies’
  • Your personal development plan – using the Handbook to plan

Workshop 5: The big picture and secure implementation – Thursday October 21st from 3-5pm CET (2-4pm UK time)

  • Successes and failures
  • Sharing best practices and ways of overcoming hurdles
  • Sharing feedback of key learning points in an unorthodox way!
  • Summarising your Post Covid People Strategy Questions, discussions and preparation for implementation.
  • Debrief Plenary – How to take this forward? Buddy support?

Every Thursday from September 23rd to Thursday October 21st from 3-5pm CET (2-4pm UK time)

It is FREE for HSMAI members!


Sign up your team and take advantage of this great offer

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