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We are delighted to introduce you to Cédric Moley. The 24 year old Frenchman will graduate from the MSc in hospitality management of ESSEC (IMHI) in July 2023.

During his studies at ESSEC, he represented the school internationally by doing an abroad semester at Boston University School of hospitality administration and an internship at Highgate. He recently ranked finalist at the Young talent awards challenge by MKG. In addition to that he is the president of the Junior IMHI Hospitality Consulting.

Q. Why did you choose to study Hospitality Management?

When I was a kid I was passionate about cooking. I was always helping my mom learn recipes and tricks. While I was getting older I also developed an appeal for business and human contact. When it was time to reflect on what I wanted to do later and what kind of studies I wanted to do, I discovered hospitality which was, for me, the best option to combine cooking, business and human contact. My cooking passion was in fact hiding a passion of serving others that developed much more while I discovered the industry more and more.

Q. Why are you passionate about hospitality? What makes this industry unique?

Being able to sell impactful and unforgettable memories to guests is what defines my passion for our industry. It is unique as it is an industry that 1) Never sleeps, is fast paced and exciting and 2) is in constant evolution, always on the lookout for innovations to be able to exceed guest’s expectations.

Q. What are the biggest challenges as a student in hospitality?

There are multiple challenges in this industry, interculturality can be one as much as it is an amazing opportunity, but the one I’d focus on is the discrepancy between the expectations of the students with those of the current leaders. Indeed, current students face expectations from the leaders that sometimes go against their generational values. Do students have to adapt themselves to the labour market or should they stick to their value to help evolve the industry ?

Q. The hospitality industry – as many others – faces the challenge of attracting and retaining talent. Do you have any thoughts on this that you would like to share with us?

It is indeed one of the main accepted challenges faced by the industry. I believe that companies should focus on nurturing their talents by leveraging their qualities and strength amongst other ideas.

Q. Why did you decide to join the HSMAI Europe Student Council?

I decided to continue my studies in Hospitality to get a more broad vision of the industry and understand more the macro-environment in which we, hospitality students, will evolve. Joining the HSMAI Europe Student Council is, in my opinion, an action that goes in that direction.

Q. How is HSMAI Europe Student Council helping your studies/students?

It’s helping me in many ways! It helps me develop my network, develop new skills by working on the different projects we are planning with the council, discover new trends and interests by exchanging with like minded people. And take on new challenges with other passionate students.

Q. What is your dream job when you graduate?

My dream job would be a position where I promote France’s global terroir and in which I help associates develop their skills, get confidence and help them reach their goal.

Q.Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

We have been struggling for 3 years because of Covid, it was a period with very low lows but it is also a proof of how Resilient the industry is.

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