We are about to go on holiday for the season, and would like to share a few good news with you before the festive season commences.

During the three last years we have transformed from different administrations and chapters in separate countries into a European organization which has been a good move for us, and completely in line with what we’ve seen among our members – and we’re growing.

We are constantly working on improvements and increasing our operational efficiency, in order to allow more time for the development of activities that our members deem important, and find that we are prepared to embark on the next step. As a crucial part of these changes our European administration is relocating to London, which suits us perfectly, as London will be one of the cities in which we will be highly active.

Since 2016 we have been working with a London-based controller, whose cooperation and company we’ve been very pleased with and we look forward to increase our involvement with them. This partnership is about to be reinforced. As an extra bonus they’re manned by several Dutch employees too, which is a plus, as we have quite a lot of members in the Netherlands.

Their firm has a number of additional services to offer, among which we will be making use of the following, as of by mid January 2019, on top of accounting:
  1. Invoicing and follow-up
  2. Event administration in connection with HSMAI’s various events in London and elsewhere
  3. Responsibility for our new CRM system
  4. HSMAI Region Europe’s membership record
  5. PA services and task connected thereto

In the course of the past year we have launched two new Advisory Boards:
  1. Innovation
  2. Culture & People

Both well established and progressing after several meetings. We have more good news for you from them, which we will return to early in the new year, which also goes for the other Advisory Boards. Our next event will be taking place in Oslo on January the 8th, for which in excess of 400 have signed up to attend already and still a "long time" to go.

With all that said, it only remains to wish you and your family a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Warm regards from
Ingunn Hofseth
President & CEO
HSMAI Region Europe
Amsterdam - Ingunn Hofseth, CEO van HSMAI. FOTO: DIEDERIK VAN DER LAAN
Top photo: Christmas in front of HSMAI Region Europe new office in London.
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