A great idea, initiated by the HSMAI Region Europe Revenue Optimization Advisory Board and supported with a lot of enthusiasm by the other Advisory Boards, is now a reality!

We are proud to present you the

HSMAI Region Europe
4th – 9th of August 2019

The kick off will be on Sunday and the program will last until Friday evening. The program includes a two day ‘Executive Development’ training focused on Leadership skills, by Cornell University!
You will have access to industry peers across departments, countries and companies.
Potential candidate profile:
The Commercial Summer Camp focuses on developing cross-functional strategic thinking and leadership skills, to enable tomorrow’s commercial leaders in the hospitality industry. The ideal candidate is already a sales, marketing, or revenue management expert or a property leader with the ambition and desire to understand all of the specific disciplines and what it takes to keep them all running smoothly together.

Cornell University coming to Europe in August
As part of HSMAI Region Europe Commercial Summer Camp 2019 Professor Cathy Enz is confirmed for the Essentials Skills for Leadership program. That means you will get a certificate from Cornell for 2 of the days in addition to the certificate from HSMAI.

About the 2 days Executive Development program by Cornell University:
Essential Skills for Successful Leadership
-Explore what defines leadership success
-Focus on your own leadership style, cultural intelligence, and motivational skills
-Understand how to inspire high levels of performance from all types of individuals
  • Being a leader – Keys to success
  • A framework for understanding others: Johari window
  • Leadership bias and thinking traps: Cognitive shortcuts, Attribution theory, Unconscious bias, self fulfilling prophecy
  • Emotional intelligence and motivation
  • Leadership process vs management process
  • Skills required for success as a leader
  • Your cultural intelligence assessed
  • Creating a culture of excellence
  • Your leadership brand and personal strategy
  • Developing tomorrow’s leaders
About the 3 following days:
You will be able to develop an overall Commercial Plan. This will expose you to certain elements that is very important for you to understand as a leader and that you do not come across often in other programs.

Topics include:
  1. Distribution strategy – which channels and why? Cost implications, branding implications, marketing implications, revenue implications.
  2. Commercial Technology strategy – what choices to make to PMS, RMS, CRS, Channel Manager, cost implications, training implications, integration implications and more.
  3. Branding strategy – join a chain, stay independent, what type of chain and why? (global, regional or local).
  4. Building commercial teams – on-property, central, clustered, more sales people, less sales people, digital marketing person, revenue manager(s), training and education costs, outsourcing and more.
  5. Customer Centricity. About delivering the promises made, managing the perception and trust of the brand on social and digital media through the experiences delivered.
  6. Data and CRM strategy – GDPR, personalization, loyalty programs and guest recognition.
  7. Calculating ROI on marketing and sales activities / spend and how to communicate to the business
  8. Sales Theory, Sales Strategy, Sales Leadership and Hands-on tips.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner sessions with the “experts” would allow you to fine-tune your plan and get more information on what you are missing or guidance and recommendation to strengthen your business plans.

At the HSMAI Commercial Summer Camp you will be forced to think about all the pros and cons and why decisions are being made and the strategies behind this. This allows you after your return from the summer camp to have genuine discussions with your boss and Senior Management about these types of strategies and you can play a much larger and important role within your company.

Already during the Spring, as soon as you have signed up for the Summer Camp, you will get access to some of the experts that will give you some homework so are well prepared in August.

You will also get access to our digital platform where you can communicate with other attendees.

Price for HSMAI Region Europe members per person: 2900 Euro ex VAT including full day program, material, coffee, lunch and dinner.

Price for Non members per person: 5900 Euro ex VAT including full day program, material, coffee, lunch and dinner.

Secure space for you and/or your best team members already now! Please contact us at

Task force:
It will be an inspiring and insightful week. The development of the content will be supported by a special task force representing the six HSMAI Region Europe Advisory Boards:
  • Anant Vithlani - Vice President Sales - Nordic Choice Hotels & chair of the HSMAI Region Europe Sales Advisory Board
  • Frederic Toitot - Vice President Learning & Development - Accor Hotels & member of the HSMAI Region Europe Culture & People Advisory Board
  • Gil Mulders - Head of Learning Europe - Intercontinental Hotel Group & member of the HSMAI Region Europe Culture & People Advisory Board
  • Josje van Dongen - Head of Innovation - Hotel Management School Maastricht & member of the HSMAI Region Europe Innovation Advisory Board
  • Geoff Maree – Sr. Lecturer - Breda University & member of the HSMAI Region Europe Innovation Advisory Board
  • Joanna Schröder – Vice President Revenue Management - Deutsche Hospitality & member of the HSMAI Region Europe Revenue Management Advisory Board
  • Niklas Schlappkohl – Global Senior Director - Digital Travel Solutions & member of the HSMAI Region Europe Marketing Advisory Board
  • Nina Nieminen - Director of Revenue Management and Distribution, Sokos Hotels - SOK Travel and Hospitality Industry Chain Management & chair of the HSMAI Region Europe Distribution Advisory Board
  • Scott Dahl – Senior Lecturer - Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne & member of the HSMAI Region Europe Revenue Management Advisory Board
  • Thomas Reinsborg – Head of Sales Norway – Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) & member of the HSMAI Region Europe Sales Advisory Board
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