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HSMAI is up close with international trends, and aware that future winners are those who are prepared to take the customer experience seriously. Insight into all stages of the customer ‘journey’ has become increasingly important. Do we deliver on our pledges? Do we handle displeased customers proactively, before they make their way to social media?

Through our big European initiative, Winning for Customers – The Service Pledge, we wish to contribute to the improvement of guest satisfaction, service and communication throughout the travel and hospitality industry. This week we entered into a strategic partnership with the German company Customer Alliance, prepared to contribute customer satisfaction data to the program, which is all about exercising an impact on customer loyalty, the customers’ basis for decision making, customer testimonials and, but not least, reputation, in order to achieve good results. Not many can boast of high scores in their customer reviews, so there’s plenty of room for improvement.

A crucial part of the program is the certification of internal coaches, prepared to run the Winning for Customers – The Service Pledge program within their own organizations. This is a work in progress and we’re convinced that by providing the internal Service Pledge coaches with tools and methods to have a significant impact on how the organization’s customer service is perceived, we will be one step closer to the goal. Through the certification of a company’s own employees we ensure that the qualifications remain in the organization in an entirely different way, thus guaranteeing that it evolves into an improved company culture.

Who qualifies?

Top and middle management executives with a burdning desire to create a healthy company culture, who identify with the Winning for Customers philosophy, and an intention to bring the customer experience to the boardroom, will qualify for certification.

The Executive Coach certification is supervised by HSMAI’s very own Education Manager, Mia Touzin Leffler.

A three-day workshop for pre-qualification is set to take place in London from September 10th to September 12th, in connection with a number of HSMAI activities throughout that week, tailored for different target groups.

Please contact us if you’d like to know more.


Have a very pleasant week!

Ingunn Hofseth
President & CEO
HSMAI Region Europe Ltd.
Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International

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