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Maternity leave

Benedicte started her career with HSMAI as a student in 2011. First as a volunteer and then part time whilst studying for her Bachelor’s degree in Tourism at Kristiania University College in Oslo. Once she completed her studies in 2013, Benedicte started working for HSMAI full time. She has worked here ever since in various capacities and is now the Office Manager. Benedicte has been with us for 10 years, and we are so happy that she enjoys working for us!

Benedicte is now going on maternity leave, and has her last day today. She is expecting her first child, a boy, in early January. All going as planned she will be back in August 2022.

Benedicte is known to many of our members since she has been with HSMAI for so many years. Her work assignments will be distributed to other members in the team during her absence.

Marius Flåskjer will be responsible for the events, newsletters, websites and the member roster. He can be reached on

Iris and Jie will be the key contact persons for accounting.

For accounting and all other queries please reach out to and we will do our best to help you!

In addition we have a new member on the team. Some of you have met Knut already. Knut is responsible for Sales until September 30th 2022. You can reach Knut at

It will be very strange for us not to have Benedicte around for such a long time, however we look forward to welcoming a new HSMAI baby!

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